The chap trapped in the photograph, there, is Nerius. Honestly, it's best not to ask too much...the less you know, and all that. He is 93% height, 1% depth, and 6% mustache.

He began Studio Squidink in 2013 with the express purpose of finding an artistic excuse to subject the world to the kind of eldritch horrors that would otherwise be considered crimes against humanity if he wasn't able to explain them away as "art".

Studio Squidink does not and will never create projects. It undertakes expeditions. Delving into the very depths of nonsense and beyond, these expeditions take the form of illustrated daublings, written unseemlinesses, painted splatterings, and animated ridiculousnesses.

Should you be unhinged enough to wish to join Nerius in an expedition, or to engage him as an artistic mischief-maker for hire, he may be reached at

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